March 11, 2005

Utah 2005

March 7-11, 2005
Organized by:
Dennis Plank
Jill Winton
Tyler "Creek"

This foray into the Excalante National Monument and Zion National Park, Utah took place over the 2005 Spring Break. The group backpacked through the massive canyons carved for centuries by rivers and streams. Waterfalls and fantastic vistas punctuated the trip with moments of beauty and awesomeness that even the chicken could get in on. A tale for the ages from this trip involves quicksand, not the cartoon variety, but the real stuff. A member of the group fell victim to this insidious natural phenomenon and became submerged for hours while the others desperately tried to free the entrapped member.

Members in Attendance:
Dennis Plank
Jill Winton
Tyler "Creek"
Ben Jones
Patty Sanford
Katy McGuire
Heather Brown (Jones)
Kelly McFadden

1 comment:

  1. This was an awesome trip... made a great friend, bonded with another great friend. Saw gorgeous scenery. Dug a van out of mud. Dug Patti out of quicksand. Hiked for a couple of days in and out of knee deep mud. Have to say though, I don't remember the chicken....