November 9, 2008

Backpacking on the Laurel Highlands Trail

November 7 - 9, 2008
Organized by:
Zack Haas Nick Clabbers

This late season backpacking trip to the Laurel Highlands was overwhelmed by a large group of Boy Scouts. The scouts consumed most of the shelters forcing the group to make due outside with interesting results. The weather for the trip was cool, but overnight showers moved in on the shelterless group making things... interesting. Advice to future trips: make reservations for shelters in advance, watch out for goats, and don't lose the hummus.

Members in attendance:
Zack Haas 
Nick Clabbers 
Kaitlin Pope 
Jesse Hein 
Tony Hemming 
Rob Justice 
Sarah Gettel 
Noah Johnson 
Andrew Kinsey 
Natalie Kovac 
Pam Lin 
Joe Moran 
Zach Orban 
Diana Zahuranec 
Anne Sheldrake 
Amber Slike 
Sam Roesemann

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