October 4, 2009

Allegheny Front Trail (09-05)

October 2-4, 2009
Organized by: Dan Trew

This backpacking trip was to the Black Moshannon State Park along the Allegheny Front Trail. The trip consisted of the Southern-half of the trail, moving a clockwise direction. The trip started in darkness and rain but ended in sunlight and cloudlessness. The fall colors were in full tilt on the Allegheny Plateau resulting in beautiful vistas and a wonderful back-drop for hiking. The trip was greatly downsized prior to its departure due to illness and accidents resulting in a large rented gear surplus (namely 4 tents and 5 backpacks). The beginning portion of the trail should not be attempted in darkness. The many rocks and sudden trail changes make traversal hazardous and requires constant blaze-vigilance. The group did not talk much during the actual hiking, however once at camp the group became quite boisterous. All said, it is a great hiking trail and a great trail.

Members in Attendance:
Dan "were-wolf that eats people" Trew
Brennan "Brenda" Becker
Toma "Gypsy" Zikatanov
Joe "Don't you dare close your eyes" Sumereau
Jackie "The Girl" Don
Greg "geologist that saw it on a special" Smith


  1. I still think it would have been a good prank to light Jackie on fire.

  2. Agreed. I miss this, let's get that group together again for another hike soon!