September 13, 2009

Allegheny River (09-02)

September 11-13, 2009
Organized by: Mike Szedlmayer

The first water-born trip of the 2009 Fall semester was held on the Allegheny River from Kinzua Dam to Indian Waters Outfitters. The trip was reportedly very easy and appropriate for all levels of skill. The less-than-favorable weather at the stat caused a small delay, but the trip ended on a sunny note. There was adequate food, however the kayaks were mediocre (Indian Waters Outfitters is not recommended for a return trip). The water in the Allegheny was dirty and packing in water is recommended if possible. The group was a good mix of core members and new people that got along. A final note: Don't forget a spatula.

Members in Attendance:
Mike Szedlmayer
James Basham
Kelly McFadden
Roozbeh Foroozan
Eric Schmidt
Molly Burbank
David Semple
Emily Donner
Stephanie Vliet

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