February 21, 2010

Blue Ridge Mountains

February 19-21, 2010
Organized by: Douglas Weinhold

This weekend excursion to the Blue Ridge Mountains took place in the dead of winter, though if you were to ask the group you need to be alive to plow through 2 feet of snow, uphill. The weather held off for the duration of the trip but there was already significant amounts of snow on the trail. The group prevailed against the white fluff of doom and enjoyed large 12 inch pancakes for breakfast and caught many wonder sights. Golden sunrises, twinkling stars, frozen waterfalls, fantastic vistas, burly boulders, and scotch pine are but a few of the sights taken in. Anyone thinking of reprising a trip to this area would do well to head the recommendations from the group: Do the Marbleyard as a Sunday Dayhike. Friday night, hike up to McAfee Knob from 311, camp, don't miss sunrise from the Knob!!!  Hike through to the tinker cliffs and camp around there Saturday night.  You will need cars at both ends for this though. Don't waste time with the "Helicopter Pad"; it is overgrown with scotch pine.  While the view is still fantastic, the tinker cliffs would be much better in my opinion. Crabtree falls is best viewed in early winter before any large snowfalls. This was definitely an awesome trip, and no one died.

Members in Attendance:
Douglas Weinhold
Rosemarie Scherzberg
Kathleen Kerrigan
Mike Covolus
Emily Riddle
Travis Salk
Asher Evans
Chris McCartney
Brian Goldman

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