February 14, 2010

Milton Rock Gym

February 14, 2010
Organized by: Alie Treciak, Darcy Mckinley Lester

This climbing event was held at the Milton Rock Gym in Milton PA, an indoor rock gym. Following the pattern of obvious statements, the weather wasn't really a factor however it was warm if a bit rainy. The entire group collaborated on bouldering problems enabling even beginners to try the harder challenges. The atmosphere was awesome and everyone climbed hard regardless of success. One group held the tradition OIP pizza-luncheon while another group practiced their free will and ate at Subway. Really? Subway over OIP and onion rings?

Members in Attendance:
Alie Treciak
Darcy Mckinley Lester
Nick Matone
Michael Meehan
Erinc Hizir
Alyssa Retzena
Josh Kremer
Scott Campbell
Kelly McFadden
Kara Kavala
Alissa Ott
Todd Ryan
Nate Bovard

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