April 10, 2010

Spring Creek Cleanup

April 10, 2010
Organized by: Nick Clabbers

The annual spring creek cleanup was held on April 10 this year. Although there was no picnic and lime-green shirts this year, the same fun was still had. Every year PSOC flies down spring creek from TMO to Milesburg, picking trash from the banks and making everything cleaner overall. This year was a little chilly, starting temps were low 40s, but the bright sun warmed up the intrepid cleaners with great zeal. Great fun was had by all the participants, even those who went for a swim. One might even say they had the most fun, one might indeed. As per the usual strange things were recovered from the creek. The most notable items being a trike, stereo, several tires, and battery that unfortunately fell out of a canoe and now resides somewhere in the creek. This year's haul overall was less than last year's, meaning the creek may be getting cleaner. No one died, watch out for meth labs.

Members in Attendance:
Nick Clabbers 
Dan Trew
Frannie Root 
Steve Meckler 
Joe Sumereau 
Christina Ferry 
Kristin Garrity 
James Basham 
Sarah Luchner 
Greg Lilik 
Michelle Christensen 
Rachel Hoh 
Tyler Haas 
Mike Collins 
Kate Lalancette 
Becca Baker 
Julia Vadas

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