April 25, 2010

West Rim

April 23-25, 2010
Organized by: Zack Haas

This post-thesis adventure took place in the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, not to be confused with the real Grand Canyon. After departing the Arby's parking lot the group first traveled South before turning around and going the right way to the West Rim. Further driving shenanigans occurred when the lead car signaled to turn around on a one-lane dirt road with a cliff to one side and a mountain on the other. Fortunately there was a suitable turn-around further up the road. The first night was spent roughly 200 yards from the cars and was 12 solid hours of sleep. Also, nubbins. The weather moved in as the group moved on. Many games were played involving clever questions and the occasional erroneous interpretation of Marilyn Monroe's historical importance and the essence of Han Solo being Han Solo. More nubbinical references and jokes were made, providing a small piece of humor for the group. The final day was spent trudging through the damp forest and culminated in a "short-cut" removing the largest downhill. The return home involved artful dodging of pot-holes and very large rocks as the GPS took the group through the backiest back-road in the whole back-woods. Fun was had by all and no one died.

Members in Attendance:
Greg Lilik
Asher Evans
Kelly McFadden
Kathleen Kerrigan
Tyler Haas
Dan Trew
Zack Haas


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