October 16, 2010

Adventure Racing (Tussey Ultramarathon)

October 16, 2010

Organized by: Emily Riddle

This competition full of crazy people is another of the few that PSOC actually does. The weather for the ultramarathon was perfect, "a beautiful blue sky amplified the peak fall foliage!" Memories from the trip include:

Witnessing a runner... who will very much be left unnamed.. receive a baton and (in a panicked state) run in the wrong direction.. e.g in the direction from which she just received the baton. It was an absolutely priceless moment... spreading smiles to many faces. =)

blue sky and peak fall foliage
rocking out to pump up music in the car between every checkpoint
very creative checkpoint hand-offs
running hills of death
crossing the finish line
BBQ chicken

So in case you didn't realize, we ran in the Tussey Ultramarathon... and it was a superb event! Lots of people frolicking through Rothrock forest for 50 miles. We ran two teams so we each person ran with a partner the entire time. Four girls per team... 50 miles split between us.. so essentially a half-marathon a piece. Anyhow, regardless of the distance, it was agreed by all that it was one of the best races any of us had ever ran. A really cool team event. Run this race. Enough said. It is amazing. No one died.

They finished in 7:48:27!

Members in Attendance:
Catherine Hewlett
Rachael Hoh
Jackie Dougherty
Kate Thompson
Emily Riddle

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