October 24, 2010


October 22-24, 2010
Organized by: Ed Wilson-Ewing

This stunning conclusion to a trip that began over a year ago was an 'a' adjective that means really cool. The weather was nearly perfect for the hike. Only a small drizzle was experienced on the second day, and even that was only a few minutes. The moon provided illumination for the night-hiking that the group frequently participated in. The trail itself proved to be a bit of a challenge, with many ups and downs with a few miles thrown in for good measure. The group took this and turned it, making a great time with the perfect weather and lots of physical activity. The consumed meals were amazing, starting with a stop at Denny's Beer Barrel Pub for some pre-trip dinner and ending on home-made chili on tortillas. Much thanks to James, who is a pro. Wildlife sightings were plentiful on the road, mostly elk and a few dear, and rare on the trail, turkeys and a few pheasants. People should be aware that everyone had fun, and no one died.

Members in Attendance:
Ed Wilson-Ewing
James Basham, Pro
Renee Fledderman
Joe Moran
Emily Riddle
Alie Treciak
Dan Trew

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