October 10, 2010

Ricket's Glen

October  9-10, 2010

Organized by:
Darcy McKinley Lester

This car camping trip to Ricket's Glen, one of the most beautiful places in PA, went out over the best time of the year. The fall leaves were in full swing, colors abounded at every turn and the weather was classic fall. The Sun shone the entire trip and the temperatures stayed hospitable. The group stayed a local camp site, headed by none other than Robert Downy Jr. (or someone who looked like him). The days were spent hiking about the park admiring the awesome forces of nature and soil formation. The group was never lost, at least not on the trail. Much fun was had and no one died.

Members in Attendance:
Darcy McKinley Lester
Dan Trew
Grace Cho
Sid Deshpande
Ben Huey
Steve McKaveney
Lyndsie Wszola
Aaron Clair

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