October 16, 2010

PA Grand Canyon

October 14-16, 2010
Organised by:  Paul DeVito
This backpacking trip to the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon (yes Grand Canyon), a fairly light trail with good vistas. The trail is not too difficult and is perfect for autumn, providing views of pine creek and much of the Allegheny Plateau. The first night out on the trail the group camped under the usual weather for PA, rain. The weather decided to be awesome otherwise. At some point the group encountered another group. This other group had fire, our group had ten strips of bacon. Our group used their group's fire to fry all of our bacon at once. A small piece of advice from the group: begin hiking before 11pm. Everyone had fun and no one died.

Members in Attendance:
Paul DeVito
Becca Baker
Julia Vadas
Niko Kovacevic
Sierra Chapin
Ryan Murphy
Vivek Yadev
Zack Stuber
Steve McKaveney
Tom Holt

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