October 10, 2010

Milton Rock Gym

October 10, 2010
Organized by:
Scott Campbell
Alie Treciak

This spirited adventure to the Milton Rock Gym is the first trip of the semester for those who prefer the vertical expeditions. The group began with some bouldering and top roping, and somehow free apples. At some point they went to get food at a nearby OIP. Pizza, eggplant parm, and cheesesteak that secretly longed to be eggplant parm but was not to be was had. Following the food more climbing was had, and then hanging out on the floor. The group definitely had a good time because they departed with sore fingers and had some coffee and donuts. Fun was had by all and no one died.

Members in Attendance:
Scott Campbell
Alie Treciak
Justin Laskowski
Jason Gordon
John Groh
Renee Fledderman
Dale McElhone
Dale Anderson
Emily Riddle
Vivik Yadav
Theodore Present
Karen Bobkowski

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